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Union Commercial Company has Ready Stock of following Laboratory Testing Equipments.

Yarn Length Tester

Used to test yarn Count and its strength Technical Specifications

Circumference 1000 + 1mm
Max winding ratio 1-9999
Pre tension 2-100cN/pic
Spacing of spindles 65mm
Reel speed 30-280r/min
Power source Ac220V 50Hz
External dimensions 780 X 660 X 480mm (LXWXH)
Weight 50kg

Sliver and Roving Length Meter

Used for reeling coarse yarn into prescribed length and measuring its evenness Technical Specifications

Drum Circumference 1000 + 1mm
Roller Diameter:0 62mm
Digital Display 0-99.9m
External Dimension 470 x 360 x 438mm (L x W x H)
Reel speed 30-280r/min
Weight 40 Kg
Power Source Ac220V 50Hz
Weight 50kg

Spindle Oiling & Cleaning Machine

The machine is supplementary equipment in textile plant, which is used for cleaning and oiling in definite quantity, the spindle basis of the high speed roller bearing on the spinning frame, the twisting frame and weft winding machine.


Overall Dimensions
890 x 338 x 790 (L x W x H)
Mass of Machine
The weight of the machine is about 75kg

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