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LED-1 Brighter, Lighter, Longer Lasting & Easy to Use Hand Held Inspection Lighting

When you need on the spot inspection for small areas, the best option is new UNILUX LED-1. The LED-1 provides lightweight, user friendly, long lasting strobe inspection lighting for frequent use in small areas. Your operators will find the LED-1 easy to adjust, easy to use, lightweight and extremely portable. Waste is reduced and associated cost is controlled.

With the LED-1 you will be able to

  • Inspect anywhere in your Production Area
  • Gain immediate knowledge of quality
  • Pinpoint issues quickly and efficiently
  • Monitor startup and shutdown procedures
  • Reduce waste and control cost


Sport or narrow web inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting applications

  • Inspection: Printing and concerting, Paper, Textile Manufacturing
  • Plant Maintenance: Belts, Chains, High-speed motion timing, detect slippage in belts and web
  • Monitor: Linear motion of packages, bottles, press registration
  • MTachometer: Motor speed, shafts, gear and pulleys


  • Adjustable flash duration
  • Auto adjust option based on energy used
  • 24cm diameter spot illumination of the subject area at 30cm away
  • Brighter than any comparable hand held inspection lighting
  • Super portable- battery powered, pocket size
  • Up to 4 hours of continuous use
  • Recharge completely in 4 hours
  • Rugged construction
  • Lightweight


  • Easily adjustable for specific inspection requirement
  • Easy to handle over continuous inspection periods
  • One LED-1 unit has the potential to provide up to 8 hours use of intermittent use
  • Less unscheduled downtime
  • Higher quality
  • Less waste, higher yield
  • Greater cost control


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