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Latice Apron

Features of Mesh Apron

  • Long life and high strength
  • Electric conductive, easy for cleaning, longer re-cleaning interval time.
  • Internal side friction is smaller than the outside, better control for yarn and fibres, and less wearing for the vacuum tube.
  • Even meshes, special shaper of mesh, high cleaning and a combing function, less flying fibres.
  • Good yarn quality, high evenness, high strength, less hairiness, less nips and lower cost for per ton yarn.
Colour of Aprons Yarn Faber Life of Aprons Cleaning interval time
White Cotton, Wool 5-6 months 1 week
Black Cotton, Blended, Synthetic Fibres 6-7 months 2 week
Dark Black Cotton, Blended, Synthetic Fibres 6-7 months 2-3 weeks
Brown Cotton, Blended, Synthetic Fibres 7-8 months 3 weeks
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